Graf Alpha Roller Skate - Senior

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Skate, accelerate, or slalom driving. Whether on the street or on the hockey court, the optimal fit ensures a firm hold in the shoe and is comfortable to wear.
The Alpha Inliner is a real all-rounder and can be used in the leisure sector, for hobby inline hockey, or for street hockey. The outer shell is anatomically cut and ensures high lateral stability.
The inliner is equipped with hard wheels (84A) and is therefore ideally suited for use on asphalt.
Quickturn 84A wheels outdoor

Wheel Size 76mm-76mm-80mm-80mm

Plus d’information
Marque Graf
Couleur Black
Le Nombre de Roues 4
Niveau de Compétence Recreational
Protective Fit Anatomical
Doublure black microfiber for the perfect hold, quick drying
Quarter Anatomically shaped polypropylene with high lateral stability
Châssis Quickturn Aluminium one-Piece ensures greater stability and durability
Roulements Abec 7
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