Puky draisiennes en Aluminium en orange

Robust balance bike from puky for children from 2.5 years.
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LR Light Br - The new lightweight among balance bikes with brakes. Modern and sporty design, a lightweight aluminium frame, front stem and wheels with spokes. THE LR Light defines a new kind of lightness when riding a balance bike. Undeterred by its low weight, young riders do not have to miss the footboard. The 12.5"" pneumatic tyres provide optimum comfort and maximum grip on all surfaces. At the same time, the tyres are very quiet. This makes the PUKY® LR Light Br the ideal vehicle for sporty pilots and beginners alike. Parents are also pleased with the low weight of the PUKY® LR Light Br when the balance bike needs to be lifted. The safety handles protect children's delicate hands and make the ends of the handlebars harmless. The banana saddle raised at the front ensures that the momentum created is transferred to the vehicle without the child sliding forward off the saddle. The low boarding enables safe mounting and dismounting. The large footboard allows the pilot to put his feet down on inclines, ensuring a favourable centre of gravity and safe handling, even at high speeds. There is deliberately no steering angle on our balance bikes. This way, the handlebars fall flat on the ground in case of accidents and the risk of injury decreases significantly.
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EAN 4015731040900
Marque Puky
Matériel Aluminium
Âge 2.5+
Couleur Orange